Perfectly Imperfect Policy

Perfectly Imperfect Policy:

All resin pieces are handmade, both custom and pre-mades. That means each one will vary from the next, making them all incredibly unique.


That being said, there may be small imperfections in the pieces. Quality checks are performed before each item is shipped and if they need to be remade, you will be informed.


Some errors are in a standard margin. Let's review some.

  • Standard size bubbles
  • Slight unevenness nearing edges
  • Random/Assymetrical flower placements

As for unacceptable errors, let's take a look at some of these.

  • Large clusters of bubbles
  • Gouges in near edges or centers
  • Loose flower petals hanging out of resin


If for any reason an unacceptable error, or one that makes you question the quality, please contact me using one of these methods below. I will inform you as to how I will issue the exchange/return for you. 

Contact must be made prior to a return or else it will be void.


The rule of thumb if the error interferes with the overall use, view during use, or style of the piece.


Contact Options: 

  1. Email:
  2. Text: (312) 725-9757