My 3 Latest Collections!

Starting January 29th to February 1st, three new collections were released. Can you name all three? They are the Luxury, Night Sky, and Candy collections. Let's review some key features.


    The Luxury Collection

    • This collection features rose buds, peonies, and chrysanthemums mixed with gold flakes or rose gold flakes for an opulent feel.
    • It's mixed between both jewelry and houseware items like boxes and trays.
    • The jewelry is easily paired with warm tones.

    The Night Sky Collection

    • This collection mimics the evening view with gold flakes representing stars against a misty dark backdrop.
    • It's primarily made up of jewelry with one houseware, though more are on the way.
    • The jewelry can easily be matched with shades of yellow including dandelion and mustard, or black.

    The Candy Collection

    • This collection is either inspired by candy colors such as cotton candy or bubblegum, or has physical candy inside.
    • It's primarily made of jewelry or keychains, though it has some housewares.
    • The jewelry is best matched with colors featured in the piece, but the brightest colors with nerds.
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