7 Things About Resin You May Not Have Known!

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New year, new information! Here's some things that might surprise you about the preferred medium I use.


  1.  Resin can be used to preserve items! Often times bridal bouquets, ashes, or other keepsakes can be encapsulated in epoxy resin.
  2. Temperature plays a huge roll in the quality and work time of resin. You can minimize bubbles by increasing the temperature of resin, however if it gets too warm, it'll cure before you are finished!
  3. Resin does not adhere to silicone. That is why molds are made out of it. It also wont adhere to wax paper and painters tape.
  4. All resin undergoes the process of solidification. Whether it is Two-Part or UV resin, it starts as a liquid, then hardens and cures over time or UV light.
  5. Often times, the same resin that is coupled with wood for fantastic tables and furniture, is the same that is used for jewelry and other items. 
  6. Uncured or raw resin can cause serious allergic reactions. That's why it's important for resin workers to wear appropriate PPE such as chemical respirators and nitrile gloves.
  7. Two-Part resins must be mixed at the exact equivalency (Part A must be equal to Part B), or they will not cure properly.

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